Disputes and prevention of disputes

Our technical and legal expertise make the successful enforcement of your property rights against infringers and your company’s defense against alleged industrial property right infringements two of our core competencies.

Detailed Services

Continuous monitoring of your competitors’ property right activities to uncover possible conflicts as they arise.

Clear overview of the patent situation in a particular field of technology (IP map).

Uncovering and reviewing relevant third-party intellectual property rights (freedom-to-operate researches, FTO).

Quick and thorough review of the legal and commercial situation.

Drafting expert opinions on infringement matters.

Developing the ideal strategy for offense or defense.

Warning the infringer or replying to written warnings.

Conducting out-of-court negotiations and fathoming ways to settle disputes (mediation).

Conducting infringement actions before the patent and trade mark litigation chambers of the regional courts, higher regional courts and the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in cooperation with selected, highly specialized lawyers.

Controlling and coordinating disputes abroad with the assistance of our foreign associates.

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