Many different types of marks, used to identify goods and services, can be protected on the basis of trademark law.

However, legal restrictions have to be considered. These include absolute limitations of registrability. Furthermore, in order to avoid collisions trademarks having an earlier effective date have to be taken into account.

We are qualified to represent our clients in national and international procedures for the registration, revocation and invalidation of trademarks, including Community Marks valid in the entire European Union and International Registrations. Our advice comprises the selection of a suitable mark design, computer based search for similar marks having an earlier effective date, and careful elaboration of the required list of goods and services.

A good trademark is highly valuable. Generally it is supported by high expense for advertising and represents the good name of its owner. Therefore it is important to defend the valuable trademark right against unjustified attacks. We offer the service of a continuous collision surveillance in order to make our clients aware of possibly colliding trademark applications. Of course our advice also refers to suitable countermeasures including opposition procedures and/or agreements with the other party to delimit the use of the conflicting marks relative to each other.